Weird Science: How Does B4 Work?

“How does B4 work?”

We have gotten this question nearly every day since we launched our beverage. It’s understandable–we’ve all been conned by a snake oil salesman or two in our time. With a higher awareness of health and caution when it comes to what we’re putting into our bodies, of course you want to know that our secret ingredient isn’t enriched plutonium (it isn’t, we promise).

To dispel speculation and help explain exactly how B4 can preemptively make your morning better after a night of drinking, we’ve decided to break it down for you.

How Does B4 Work?

We all know that alcohol is basically your body’s frienemy. Sure, it loosens you up, winds you down and can be good fun if ingested responsibly, but drinking alcohol almost instantly puts your body into all-hands-on-deck emergency mode.

You see, despite the utter bliss of a well-made cocktail, your body registers that Cosmopolitan as “no bueno” and tries to flush it out by any means necessary. This is why you may quickly find yourself having to “break the seal” and breaking out in a sweat soon after your second drink of the night.

Break it Down

Though you may be able to throw down a few at the bar without much fuss, your body is incapable of storing that alcohol. In response, your liver clocks in and gets to work, using an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase to convert that vodka martini or pint of pale ale into acetaldehyde.


This chemical compound is the bad boy trying to ruin your morning after one too many drinks the night before. This toxin, paired with the fact that alcohol’s diuretic properties cause you to flush fluids 3-4 times faster than it can rehydrate, can leave you waking up drier than a mummy eating saltines — and feeling just as dead.

How B4 Becomes Bae

Along with water, alcohol purges you of vital electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. This is where B4 comes in.

Since B4 is packed with all of the above, when consumed within the hour before alcohol sends your body into high alert, it can act as a shield against the incoming purge of fluids and nutrients you’re sure to face throughout the course of the night.

As a bonus, since B4 is packed with B vitamins, it also gives you some pep in your step without pumping you full of caffeine. Win-win, right?

Science Rules

Though the above scientific concepts can be a little hard to break down (see what we did there?), we hope that you have a better understanding of exactly how B4’s got your back. Just remember, moderation is also important when avoiding a rough morning.

Have a B4, drink responsibly and rescue your morning before night even starts.