Why is there Sugar in B4?

From doctors to moms and even from toothpaste commercials, we’re constantly reminded that sugar isn’t good for us. Yet that knowledge doesn’t always stop us from ordering our favorite flavored coffee in the morning or sweet cocktail during happy hour. But even though sugar is infamous for affecting our bodies in many ways, in small amounts, it’s not always harmful.

Like we mentioned in our previous blog post, dehydration often comes with drinking alcohol and dealing with hangovers. Since alcohol naturally pulls water away from the body, the best way to beat dehydration is to prehydrate. And adding a little bit of sugar science to drinking before you get thirsty can make a world of a difference. 

Sugar, along with sodium, potassium and water, works in B4 to keep your body well-hydrated during your night out. These ingredients play their part in creating a rehydration salt, aka Oral Rehydration Salt or ORS. With it, your body begins its fight against dehydration by making a visit to a hyperosmolar state or area in the body with the highly concentrated mix of the above ingredients. This state alerts your body to dilute the product built up in your cells so your body can start to absorb and store the water you drink at a much higher rate (we’re talking nearly three times as much water than normal). So, with help from B4, for every single bottle of water you drink, it’s like you’re drinking three bottles of water at once. Dehydration? That’s a thing of the past. 

In addition to its hydration powers, sugar plays an important role in liver function and energy upkeep. The liver stores and delivers glucose, a simple sugar that is our body’s main source of energy, while the pancreas releases hormones, such as insulin, to regulate sugar levels. On top of managing an everyday diet, if you can’t get enough of tonight’s sweet daiquiri, your body may overwork itself to combat excess sugar intake. But, if your sugar levels are too low, then light-headedness and fatigue may make an early visit during your night out. Balance is key, which is why B4’s sugar content takes into account your love for a sweet, or maybe not-so-sweet, cocktail. Made with the minimum amount of sugar needed for liver function without compromising its hydration mix to work at its highest level, B4’s all-around goodness will keep you feeling your best. 

So, contrary to what our moms told us growing up, sugar doesn’t always have to be bad for us, and with B4, a little bit of it can make a huge difference.