Bri Visalli

Pro Soccer Player, Houston, TX

What’s your B4?
I use B4 in my morning routine which allows me to start everyday on a positive. I have particularly come to love using it between our pitch and gym sessions. It helps me stay sharp in the gym and focus on the exercises rather than my fatigue. B4 is a game changer. 

Name a song you never get sick of listening to?
“Welcome to Hard Times” – Charlie Crockett 

What’s one thing everyone who visits your city should experience?
Houston Dash game! If you can time your trip right, you should experience the Houston Rodeo—a fun night with so many activities and performing artists! Somewhat of a trek outside the greater Houston area, you will find Buccees—what feels like the largest gas station, food stall, etc and their beaver nuggets are quite good. Overall, Houston has an amazing restaurant scene (I am a huge foodie) and lively nightlife. You will be charmed by the big, quaint-ness of this sprawling metropolis! 

Name someone who inspires you?
My mom is one of the most inspiring women that I have ever met. She has taught me how to be a fierce, competitive yet compassionate and humble woman of character. She is a rockstar!