Dave Thorne

Dave Thorne

Fitness Enthusiast, Orlando, FL

What’s your B4?
My B4 is for hydration. I’ve always been a heavy sweater, and I work hard in whatever I do. Throw in some Florida heat and humidity, and I can find myself in the hurt locker. B4 is my secret weapon to not only prepare myself for activity, but to recover from it. B4 is my jammmmmm!!!

Name a song you never get sick of listening to?
“Can’t Stop” – Red Hot Chili Peppers 

What’s one thing everyone who visits your city should experience?
Black Rooster Taqueria, and have the smoked greens taco, it’s life-changing. 🤤

Name someone who inspires you?
My wife! She continually inspires me to be a kind person, do good things, and be at peace. ✌️