Joseph Kline

Crossfit Open Athlete, Deland, FL

What’s your B4?
I use B4 at work. I work from home and sit a lot and it keeps me going through the day. Then I use it right after CrossFit! I train pretty hard sometimes 2-3 hours and can’t drink enough water to power the before, during and after! B4 is perfect for anyone looking to get an edge on day-to-day life (parents, as well) as well as any activities (walks – competitive sports). Anytime, B4 has me covered!

Name a song you never get sick of listening to?
“Til I Collapse” by Eminem

What’s one thing everyone who visits your city should experience?
Everyone should visit CrossFit BERZERK in Deland! We have a great environment and energy, I feel like everyone goes to the beach when coming to FL.

Name someone who inspires you?
Curtis Johns Inspired me to start CrossFit and has continued to inspire me every day I step in the Box. Coach Curtis At CrossFit BERZERK in Deland has been performing at a high level for many years and has a passion for all aspects of performing at all levels (from average Joes to high-performance athletes). He Preaches Hydration, Real Food, Mobility, and WOD IQ!