Kevin Livergood

Kevin Livergood

Biologist, Anaheim, CA

What’s your B4?
I use B4 for performance, recovery, and general mood support. I’ve had major depression for years and I discovered B4 helps me tackle my day. It keeps my mind sharp and my energy stores high. Good hydration and the B4 stack support brain function including cognition and memory.  I’ve always been active (tennis, surfing, running, skating, hiking, etc) and I remain active. Since I hit 50 last year I’ve been searching for anything to keep me looking and feeling fit and sharp.  

Name a song you never get sick of listening to?
“Why, Why, Why” – The Airborne Toxic Event

What’s one thing everyone who visits your city should experience?
An Angel’s baseball game. I’m a big fan. Going to a game is my favorite form of relaxation.

Name someone who inspires you?
Author Robin Sharma “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and “The 5am Club.”  I found these books to be enlightening and inspiring.  I’ve incorporated many new habits based on the concepts in these books and recommend them highly.  They have played a significant role in my ongoing recovery from depression, a major career change, and the desire to rebuild my life with intentionality and mindfulness.