Mark Berger

Plant-based Athlete, New Orleans, LA

What’s your B4?
It helps me to stay hydrated, boost natural energy sources and have the right nutrients so I can recover faster and get to the next life activity.

Name a song you never get sick of listening to?
“Unity” by Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band

What’s one thing everyone who visits your city should experience?
New Orleans is the most unique city in the United States. The vibrant colors, the smells, the food, beautiful music that radiates on street corners, the ghosts & VooDoo, the celebration of life & death dancing in the streets, and the hospitality of the people brings you into something that is rich with culture and super soulful.

Name someone who inspires you?
Rich Roll is a great role model for plant-based living, mindfulness, movement practices, and conscious living. His podcast is my #1.