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Show Up, Ready.

More powerful than the leading sports drinks, hydration powder packs and energy drinks!

Backed by science and formulated with 18 key nutrients to give you 4 functions in 1 travel-friendly pack. Designed to help you dominate every part of your day. Power up your immunity or prep for a workout, sharpen your focus or prime your body for a night of drinking. Our travel-friendly powder lets you live your life without compromise.


Hospital Employees, Medical Providers, Military, Nurses, First Responders, and Teachers receive 20% off


  • Exercise - Running Exercise
  • Wellness - Yoga Wellness
  • Drinks Drinks
  • Heat Heat
  • Travel - Suitcase Travel
  • Focus - laptop Focus
Definition of PRECOVERY™
noun | pre-cov-ery | pri-ka-va-rē
1: Drinking a B4 to prime your body so you can show up ready for anything, without compromise.

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